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Zoo Fresh

Founder – Ambika Satpathy

ZooFresh Foods is revolutionizing the meat retail by providing an assured market for rural producers and ensuring hygienic, healthy supply of meat products for consumers in Odisha. The company is piloting live fish sourcing and distribution in the state. It is a part of FSSAI’s Food Innovators Network, and has a PPP with the Odisha Poultry Federation, Govt. of Odisha. It trains the rural people to grow healthy products thus adding more value for the local products contributing to their livelihood (enhanced incomes)

Achievements –

Selected by the Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MoFPI) as one of India’s top 20 food startups at World Food India 2017.


Lorven Biologics

Founder – Dr. M.V Raman, YVV Ashwini Kumar

Lorven Biologics has developed a rice variety which is diabetic friendly, that is after polishing the rice, fibre remains intact and tastes like any other polished rice but gives the benefits of rich fibre. He is marketing the rice under the brand name of “RICE DESIRE”. The cost of this Rice is ¼th of the available options hence low income group people can also afford to enjoy their regular food habits without compromising. The farmers’ income who produce this variety of Rice increases by 60% which gradually will increase their standard of living.


HarvestWild Organics

Founder – Manas Nanda

BubbleNut Wash – the brand of environment-friendly cleaning products – laundry detergent and dish wash liquid is made from wild soap nuts which are sourced directly from tribal and rural communities in remote places of India and hence provide a livelihood to those involved in collection. The chemical-free detergents are sold to urban consumers who are environment and health conscious. The laundry detergent can be used in modern appliances as well as suitable for bucket wash. The dish wash liquid is suitable for dishwashing machines and manual washing.

Achievements –

  • Raised pre-series seed funding of INR 70 lakhs from Social Alpha (TATA TRUSTS)
  • Selected for Stage III of USISTEF for presentation in California
  • Secured Work Order from Sri Lanka’s premier exporter Eastern Merchants to supply 5000 kgs of cleaning products per month, going upto 25000 kgs  12 months
  • One of 15 winners of Development Bank of Singapore Foundation Programe for Social Enterprise held for 6 Asian countries

Forestica Booty (P) Ltd

Product : Datun

Founder – Sanjeev Kumar Singh, Sandhya Kumari

The product developed is named as DATUN. It is a system by which natural bristles can be exposed in herb twigs for usage as oral hygiene/care aid without disturbing its natural content. Product is packaged and presented in a scientifically designed handle with a particular angle so that it ensure reach of complete oral cavity and retained its (content) freshness for longer duration( 3 months). One handle will be carrying around seven cartridge of individually packed readymade twigs of herbs. Underprivileged people residing at deep forestry areas are getting direct employment at their own place.


Received a certificate of appreciation (GOLD) in International Innovation Fair, 2017 organized at Vishakapatnam, Andhra Pradesh


C & G Agroventures

Founder – Avilash Mahananda, Suraj Kumar Rout, Pritesh Mishra, Vishal Mohanty

C&G is marketing the farmers’ sales and production, by establishing Farmer procurement centres to channelize the produce directly to the market after hygienic washing and packing. C&G is also promoting scientific cultivation techniques among farmers through training programs and facilitate growing of vegetables and fruits in lands suitable for farming but currently unutilized. It provides facilities of online marketing for both commercial and domestic consumers through web portal and Mobile App.




Founder – BInayak Acharya, Sarbari Acharya

ThinkZone uses offline technology, proprietary teaching activities and class management tools while following the Teaching-at-the-Right-Level approach (an MIT evidence-based pedagogy) to improve learning levels of children. Through providing low-income women with training and income-generating opportunities, ThinkZone also contributes to greater gender equality. It is one of a kind organization in India where a technology-based pedagogy is built for first generation learners and for teachers who come from limited education background.

Achievements –

Selected among 20 Laureate Global Fellows for 2017.




Founder – Dr. Saroj Nayak, Sasmita Nayak, Rosalin Behura

KARMA has developed a solar aerator which runs completely on solar energy with assured backup for 24×7. Aerators are based on high speed working impellers that splash the water into air and the splashing of water mixes oxygen into the water. Hence, the dissolved oxygen amount in the water increases. Moreover, the working impellers produce waves and currents, which make the saturated ammonia, CO2, methane, sulphureted hydrogen, etc. go out of water and improve the water quality. These are mainly used in shrimp and prawn farming. Solar aerator system provides the farmers involved in pisciculture, a unique opportunity to be independent of fossil power for agriculture, thus making the system more efficient, eco-friendly and sustainable.

Achievements –

Raised a downstream investment of 50 million INR from an Angel Investor




Founder – Sanjib Parida, Vishal Kumar Sharma

Orbocare provides affordable, accurate and high quality blood diagnostic services at the last mile. With a network of phlebotomists on the ground. It’s impacting lives of patients suffering from chronic illnesses living in unurbanised districts of Odisha where precision laboratories don’t have operation. On the technology side it has partnered with diagnostic equipment providers like Siemens, Jhonson & Jhonson and Roche to facilitate fully automated test result publication eliminating chances of human errors.

Mother Diagnostic Systems

Founder – Karthik Somasundaram, Arun Somasundaram

Mother Diagnostic is engaged in designing and manufacturing low cost and safe Digital X-Ray which can be used in small remote hospitals in low income states. These new age Digital X- Ray machines are much cheaper, easy to maintain and accurate than traditional X- Ray machines which makes it affordable for poor people. These machines are great help to those poor remote area people who used to travel to urban areas to avail X-Ray facilities.

Achievements –

  1. 2015 – DST-Lockheed Martin – India’s top ten innovation
  2. 2016 – DEVTECH – India-UK award for best social enterprise
  3. 2017 – ELEVATE-100 – Among top 100 companies in Karnataka

Medtel Healthcare

Founder – Shashank Singhal, Lalit Ranjan Manik, Ajit Kumar Choudhary

Medtel provides tele-consultations & prescriptions to patients through Digital Health Kiosks. • Mobile App & Web Portal • Video/Audio Interface • Image enhancing algorithm for high quality image sharing • Point of care diagnostics integration, i.e., ECG & i-Quant Analyzer • Profiling of patients & kiosks based on their Geolocation. THPs – TeleHealth Pods (Digital Health Kiosks) equipped with diagnostic kits and powered by MedTel’s web and mobile platform are setup at Medicine Shops, Path-Labs & Common Service Centres for easy access to quality health services to the poor people at nearby places.



Founder – Doman Chandra Tudu, Salge Tudu

Rusicaa is a social initiative to connect tribal people with mainstream population. Rusicaa aims to provide socio -economic platform to tribal creativity, art & design through contemporary products and services. It aims to amalgamate the essence of different tribal folk stories and designs on the modern apparel and lifestyle products. It aims to connect different tribal entities in the country. It is an attempt to bring the story of 104 million people who are still living in the world of shadow and still trying to find their foot in the Modern India.


  • Had attended Exhibition: Raipur (12,13 & 14th Jan’2018, 3 day’s) & Jaipur (27,28,29th Jan’2018, 3 Day’s)- Got Good response and sale for AW-17/18.
  • Start working for SS-18 season new collection
  • Got approved 2 CFC from Govt of Jharkhand cost of Rs. 1.2 Cr. (Each CFC cost is Rs. 60 Lac, 1. CFC- Stitching cum production centre, 2. CFC- Dhokra making)
  • Build 6 new SHG groups for productions (All are rural base SHG’s)
  • Selected for Y4BIZ event for University of Taxes, Austen, US (Attached herewith the letter from Govt of Jharkhand)
  • Selected for Exchange program of International Leadership program from US consulate, US.


Founder – Maneet Gohil, Sanchit Govil, Albin Jose

Lal10 has enabled technology to source products from 9054 grass root artisans in 22 Indian States. It has bridged the traditional gaps in operations and marketing by optimizing the supply of Handicraft/ Handloom products from 198 craft clusters across India. Lal10 uses Whatsapp and own mobile applications to get live updates on inventory stocks of its artisans.

Waste Management


Founder – Rangarajan, Arun Raghavan Lakshminarayan

Rimagined is an enterprise focused on creating the Upcycling movement in India. They work with all types of low value waste and create varied upcycled products. This they do with the help of women groups in the urban and rural poor, thereby creating sustainable livelihoods. The key is to minimize the consumption of new resources, upcycle low value waste and create dignified source of income to the women in the urban and rural poor sectors.


Founder – Niraj Gupta, Prashant Kumar, Shailendra Singh Yadav

Weekendworks operates its waste management service through Junkart App which is an on-demand scrap collection service which connects all the stake-holders in scrap recycling supply chain. When a seller raises a new scrap pickup request, it is forwarded to nearby vendor’s on their Junkart app, who can then accept it and visit the seller’s place at the scheduled time. Vendor then records the items bought by him on the app, which calculates the price and shows the amount that the vendor should pay to the seller. This amount deducted digitally from the vendor’s account linked with Junkart app. The transparent pricing and inventory management system helps the vendors keep an eye on their inventory and track profit.