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                BIRAC  has  initiated  Bio-NEST   program
                aimed  at  creating  15  world  class     To  provide  good  incubation  space  to
                bioincubators, with KIIT-TBI being one   Start-ups and Entrepreneurs.
                of  them. The  cumulative  power  of  all     To provide access to a pool of special
                the BIRAC supported programmes BIG,   equipments in the common equipment
                BISS, SPARSH, SIIP Fellowship running at   facility.
                KIIT-TBI  has  been  phenomenal  in     To connect industry and academia and
                accelerating  the  growth  of  bio-  enable  interactions  for  efficient
                entrepreneurship in the country.    exchange  of  knowledge  as  well  as     “NURTURING
                                                    facilitate  technical  and  business
                Bio-NEST  For  scaling  bioincubators  in   mentorship.
                India, BIRAC have recently initiated Bio-    To  provide  enabling  services  and   ENTREPRENEURSHIP
                N E S T  ( B i o i n c u b a t o r   N u r t u r i n g   required  mentorship  for  IP  and
                E n t r e p r e n e u r s h i p   f o r   S c a l i n g   technology  management,  legal  and   SCALING
                Technologies). This programme provides   contract,  resource  mobilization  and
                incubation  space,  mentor  network,   networking platform.
                instrumentation  facilities,  IP  and     To  establish  efficient  governance   TECHNOLOGIES”
                Technology management support.      models.

                             A VALUABLE PROCESS TO BOOST

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