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             ENGAGING IN
                        CREATING AN ECOSYSTEM
                                   UP TO FACILITATE INNOVATION

                                   We provide high quality, leading technologies for innovators to pursue
                                   their  ideas.  Facilities  are  teamed  with  expert  staff  to  ensure
                                   professional support, training and consultation to ensure innovators/
                                   entrepreneur remain focussed on their goals rather than distracted by
                                   technical problems.   Bioincubator is designed to meet the needs of
                                   startup and small companies in the life science sector with a focus on
                                   agritech,  medical  devices,  molecular  and  cellular  biology  and
                                   chemistry activities, allowing your business to be successful without
                                   the concerns of facility management, safety program oversight and
                                   equipment needs.

                                   FEATURES & AMENITIES INCLUDE:

                                      Innovation Center within the university system with an
                                       incubation space of 60,000 sq ft.
                                      Providing furnished offices with access to onsite conferencing
                                       facilities, superfast broadband Internet, library and staffed

           :                          Conference rooms and meeting lounges with A/V conferencing
                                       and library.
           O                          Co-working space with available private offices
                                      Laboratories for R&D and product development which
           T                           includes, Tinkering Lab, Food testing, Plant Tissue Culture,
           R                           Animal House, Analytical, Cell Culture, Bioprocess Labs and
           P                           Sequencing Facility.
                                      Access to Sophisticated instruments like LC-MS/MS, GC-MS/MS,

                                       MP-AES, ICP-OES, DLS, ConfocalMicroscopy, FTIR, FPLC and

                                       HPLC with maintenance and technical support.

                                                                                          GREEN HOUSE FACILITY

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