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           NIDHI-CoE (Digital Health Lab)
           Digital Health Lab is set up to meet the overwhelming challenges of Indian healthcare scenario by fostering an ecosystem for indigenous
           mHealth solutions (Make in India + Digital India). Its purpose is to successfully develop digital health solutions for real-world applications;
           enabling  new  ideas  to  be  tested,  validated,  and  commercialised  more  rapidly,  thereby  making  lives  better.  NIDHI  -  National  Initiative  for
           Developing and Harnessing Innovations aimed at helping startups across the country in terms of both funding and incubation support.
           Digital health technologies empower us to track and manage our health in a better way. It can personalize and optimize treatments while
           reduces the medical inefficiencies of medical delivery and at a fraction of costs. Digital trends have already generated a steady increase in
           efficiency and process optimization across different sectors.


                                                                                  KIIT-TBI is one of the implementing partners
                                                                                  for the INVENT program designed for the
                                                                                  8 low-income states of Bihar, Chattisgarh,
                                                                                  Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Rajasthan,
                                                                                  Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal. KIIT-TBI with
                                                                                  its network, bandwidth, experience, expertise
                                                                                  and exposure, aims to support start-ups in the
                                                                                  social arena. It aims at catalyzing the ability
                                                                                  of innovators to establish sustainable social
                                                                                  enterprises which can have a positive impact
                                                                                  on the “Bottom of the Pyramid” (BoP). KIIT-TBI
                                                                                  manifests to support innovation and uniqueness
                                                                                  in its quest to fulfil the objectives of INVENT.
                                                                                  TIDE Centre

                                                                                  KIIT-TBI TIDE Centre was established on May
                                                                                  2010, in supported of Ministry of Electronics
                                                                                  and   Information   Technology   (MeitY),
                                                                                  Government of India, under Technological
                                                                                  Incubation and Development of Entrepreneurs
                                                                                  (TIDE)  scheme.  The  main  objective  of  the
                                                                                  scheme is to foster innovation and enterprises
                                                                                  in the areas of Electronics and ICT, by enabling
                                                                                  young entrepreneurs to initiate technology
                                                                                  startup companies for commercial exploitation
                                                                                  of the technologies developed by them.

          MSME Business Incubator (MSME-BI)                      NIDHI - Accelerator Programme
          The incubator programme addresses the gap between idea and com-  The  accelerator  program  aims  to  build  and  attract  high  quality
          mercialisation. Each selected innovators will receive MSME grant upto   startups, and have a customer centric validation model which
          6.25  lakhs  along  with  incubation  support  for  nurturing  innovative   enhances investment readiness as well as worthiness.
          business ideas (new indigenous technology, processes, products,   The  programme  offers  3-6  months’  fast  track  structured  program
          procedure  etc.) which could be  commercialised within  a year. The   helping  ideas  get  accelerated  to  the  next  level  through  deep
          currents focus areas for support are mechanical engineering, food   mentoring process and access to funding and market networks in a
          processing, chemical, and electronic, software engineering in general.  rigorous and structured manner. This will eventually strengthen and
          The idea is primarily for sustaining, at some basic or introductory   enhance the entrepreneurial ecosystem by building a pipeline of
          level, the incubation of ideas that would have otherwise been lost   potential high quality, sustainable start-ups.  The overarching aim of
          for want of support. The expectations are that a sizeable percentage   the program is to nurture the start-ups through scouting, supporting
          of the grantees/incubates would be graduating to higher levels of   and scaling of innovations which would help aspiring entrepreneurs
          operation that would then require other follow on funding support .  in the country to grow their business and make them market ready.
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