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                                                              Maiestas Luminaries

                                                              Specialises in manufacturing a wide range of next generation LED
                                                              products for lighting, environmental safety, electrical & electronics
                                                              industries, food and chemical process industries and many more
                                                              segments. They are committed to provide cost effective & efficient
                                                              technologies to the clients. Established in 2010, the company has set
                                                              out to make Odisha an electronics hub of India. And have managed
                                                              to make the firm one of the leading manufacturers of LED lighting
                                                              systems in eastern India with an array of industrial clients like NALCO
                                                              and OPTCL.

                                                inDNA Lifesciences
                                                inDNA Life Sciences is the first DNA based Clinic
                                                and  a  molecular  platform  innovated  to  offer
 Success                                        based changes and its impact on the health and
                                                customized solutions for identification of DNA

                                                disease outcome.

                                                inDNA Life Sciences has taken the first steps to
                                                Personalize  Disease  management  by  offering
                                                a  range  of  DNA  based  solutions  to  a  range
                                                of clinical problems such  as from Prenatal
 Stories                                        Diagnostics  to  Cancer,  Ageing  and  Life  Style

                                                Disorders. The company was represented as
                                                India’s leading molecular diagnostics startup by
                                                DBT - BIRAC delegation team at BIO-2014, San
                                                Diego, USA in June 2014.

                                                               Kalinga Renewable Energy Manufacturers (KARMA)
                                                               Is  on  a  journey  to  ensure  power  security  through  efficient  solar
         Visargha Agri Sciences
                                                               panels  and  advanced  battery  technology.  Having  spun  out
         Is working on revolutionising agriculture sector by   of  IIT  Bhubaneswar  their  products  are  built  on  strong  R&D,
         speeding up gene transformation technology. The novel   sensor embedded energy systems, and remote grid using cloud
         technique developed would significantly reduce the time   infrastructure. The company has tied up with National Bank for
         required  to  develop  transgenic  crops.  They  have  so  far   Agriculture  and  Rural  Development  (NABARD)  to  provide  solar
         raised funding from BIRAC and private investors and are   energy solutions for farming and horticulture in the state of Odisha.
         close to commercialisation.                           It  is  also  actively  engaged  with  various  NGOs  and  SHGs  towards
                                                               electrification of rural areas.

                                                               Krea Foods and Beverages
                                                               Is  focused  on  developing  fortified  food  products  for  addition  to
                                                               the  Government  of  Odisha’s  Mid-day  meals  program.    One  of  its
                                                               products’ is made from local millet – Mandiya. It aims to contribute
                                                               towards eradication of malnutrition alongside creating a value
                                                               chain proposition for the local farmers by creating a contractual
                                                               supply chain model for guaranteed crop income. One of our sister
                                                               Institutions  –  Kalinga  Institute  of  Social  Sciences  (KISS),  home  to
                                                               approx. 25,000 tribal children – has been testing the product during
                                                               their lunch program, securing an order to serve 25,000 customers in
                                                               its first year of operation.
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