Inviting Business Ideas for New India

Supported by Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME), Govt of India.


To promote & support untapped creativity of individual and to promote adoption of latest technologies in manufacturing as well as knowledge based innovative MSMEs (ventures) that seek the validation of their idea at the proof of concept level.

Salient Features

The components under the scheme will include mentoring support in business and technology, networking with other businesses, seed capital assistance, professional assistance to make the enterprise successful and achieve higher growth.


Financial assistance up to 15 lakh for developing and nurturing of an idea.

Who can apply

Student/Entrepreneurs of the Institute such as Technical colleges, Universities, other professional colleges/institutes, R&D institutes, NGOs involved in relevant activities, EDCs of O/o DC (MSME), MSME-DIs/Technology Centers (TCs), DICs or any Institute/Organization of Central/State Govt.


Focus Sectors​ (Indicative)

  • Agricultural Aids for Mechanization and Boosting Agri Yield
  • Agro Processing, Preserving & Packaging
  • Environment, Water, Sanitation, Waste & Recycling Management
  • Renewable Energy, EVs & Green Transportation
  • Technology & Devices for Prevention Diagnosis, Treatment & Rehabilitation of Illness
  • Energy Efficiency & Automation for Industrial Manufacturing
  • Security, UAVs, Disaster Management & Defence