Innovation & Industrial Skill Enhancement Program

With a holistic approach towards enabling a strong skill development system, KIIT-TEC's initiative iSEP aims to catalyze skilling the youths of the nation to be industry-ready, potentially having a multiplier effect in the economy, while striving to involve the industry in all aspects of skill development. KIIT-TEC would conduct regular short term training programs ranging from two days to seven days as well as internship programs for 3-4 months on various fields like innovation and entrepreneurship, prototyping, engineering and life sciences to provide industry specific biotech training in a real-life environment and is specially designed for students, research scholars and early career faculty members for skill development and enhancing their job opportunities in the biotech industry.

We are confident that through hands-on technical exposure, participants will gain considerably in knowledge on the working principles of industry important biological techniques and high-end equipment, but also ensure that the students are mentored and nurtured in the entrepreneurship ecosystem and gain the experience of real-life industry-oriented experience working on problems which are not taught-in-depth in regular academic curriculum.

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