BIRACs initiative -Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development Fund (“SEED Fund”) primarily aims to address this need through the Incubators.

The basic idea of SEED Fund is providing Capital assistance to start-ups with new and meritorious ideas, innovations and technologies. This would enable some of these start-ups to graduate to a level where they will be able to raise investments from angel/Venture capitalist or they will reach a position to seek loans from commercial banks /financial institutions. Thus, the proposed seed support is positioned to act as a bridge between promoters’ investment and Venture/Angel investment. This is not an investment scheme, but rather a support scheme to enable start-ups and incubator to attain sustainability.

The SEED fund provides the capital assistance to start-ups to bridge the gap between PoC and Scale up.

SEED support to incubatee start-ups in life sciences sector: Upto INR 25 lakh

The Seed fund emphasizes:

  • Alignment with KIIT-TBI’s Focus areas
  • Product offerings (vs service offerings)
  • Technology-driven enterprises
  • Validation or Scaling-up innovations
  • Market research analysis and Professional consultancy

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Companies with a minimum 51% ownership by Indian nationals
  • Companies ready to be incubated at KIIT-TBI
  • The venture must be early stage (2-7 years since inception).
  • The venture must be working towards solutions for the Biotechnology/Life Science sector.
  • The company must have raised previous rounds of fund (Grant/ Investment).
  • A well defined POC must have been achieved (as evaluated by the Review committee).
  • The venture must have a well-defined upscale and go-to-market strategy with positive revenue inflow within the next 24 months of funding.

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  1. Krea Foods and Beverages Pvt Ltd
  2. InDNA Life Sciences Pvt Ltd
  3. Probiokem India Pvt Ltd
  4. Miraqules Medsolutions Pvt Ltd