KIIT-TBI Ecosystem with the support of

Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC)


Since its genesis, KIIT-TBI has provided comprehensive support to nurture and expand early-stage startups and aspiring entrepreneurs. The focus of KIIT-TBI on nurturing and supporting biotechnology-based innovations received a significant boost when the Biotechnology Industrial Research Assistance Council (BIRAC), DBT, GoI  under the BIRAC BioNEST scheme in 2012, extended its support to establish globally competent bioincubator facilities at KIIT-TBI. Being selected as an implementing partner for BIRAC’s flagship programs, including SIIP, BIG, SEED fund, and LEAP fund, marked a crucial milestone in strengthening biotech-led innovations & Startups in each stage of the entrepreneurial journey. Moreover, the inception of the BIRAC Regional Center for Technology Promotion (BRTC) in 2019 at KIIT-TBI was geared towards nurturing regional innovations, facilitating the transformation of concepts into influential enterprises, and benefiting over 5000 aspiring entrepreneurs from the Northeast.

To further propel commercialization, the KIIT-TBI Technology Transfer Office (TTO) was established in 2019 under the National Biopharma Mission (NBM), BIRAC. The 12-year journey of the KIIT-TBI BioNEST bioincubator has been progressive, and with continued support from BIRAC and its stakeholders, we are optimistic about the promising and productive years ahead for the advancement of the next generation of biotech innovators.

Impact So far

BIRAC Funding Programs for startups

Social Innovation Immersion Program (SIIP)

“Empowering Emerging Innovators: Backing Early-Stage entrepreneurs and Startups addressing critical societal challenges through BIRAC’s Social Innovation Immersion Program (SIIP) with the support of INR 0.5 Lakhs as a fellowship per month and INR 5 Lakhs Research Grant for initial Prototype Development.”

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Biotechnology ignition Grant (BIG)

“Catalyzing biotechnology-based innovations for young startups and entrepreneurial individuals, the Biotechnology Ignition Grant (BIG) is a flagship program of BIRAC. It offers early-stage financial support of up to INR 50 lakhs as a grant-in-aid for 18 months for prototype development.”

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BIG North east Special Call

“Fueling biotech-led Innovations and Startups in the region of East and Northeast India to Validate Pioneering Concepts through “BIRAC’s North East Special Call for Biotechnology Ignition Grant (BIG). It offers early-stage financial support of up to INR 50 lakhs as a grant-in-aid for 24 months for prototype development.”

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“Fostering biotech startups to survive the first ‘Valley of Death’ and aiding them in becoming investible through BIRAC SEED funding, which offers Equity-based investment up to INR 30 Lakhs”

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“By providing financial support to budding entrepreneurs with biotech-driven innovative and promising ideas, as well as cutting-edge technologies, the BIRAC LEAP fund plays a pivotal role in advancing technologies and products towards the pilot phase and eventual commercialization. It offers Equity-based investment up to INR 50 Lakhs.”

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Success Stories

EzeRx Healthtech Pvt Ltd

Partha Pratim Mahapatra & Chaitali Roy

Sector : Healthcare
Innovation: EzeCheck: A Non-invasive Hemoglobin Screening Device
External Investment raised: INR 34 Cr

Cygenica Pvt Ltd

Nusrat JM Sanghamitra

Sector: Healthcare
Innovation: GEENIE-A novel delivery platform for therapeutically valuable cargoes
External Investment raised: INR 6 Cr

Bonayu Lifesciences
Pvt Ltd

Dr. Vishal Kataria

Sector : Healthcare
Innovation: Mouth Dissolving strips: a new way to administer any health supplement.
External Investment raised: INR 10.4 Cr

Avay Biosciences Pvt Ltd

Manish Amin

Sector: Healthcare
Innovation: Development of Advanced 3D Bioprinter
External Investment raised: INR 6.5 Cr

Tan90 Thermal Solutions Pvt Ltd

Soumalya Mukherjee

Sector: Agritech
Innovation: Portable Cold Storage with Proprietary Phase Change Material for Cold Supply Chain
External Investment raised: INR 6 Cr

Larkai Healthcare Pvt Ltd

Pritam Dhalla, Abhilash Chakraverty

Sector: Healthcare
Innovation: ThoraCare: A non-invasive easy to use early-stage heart and lung abnormalities screening device
External Investment raised: INR 4.5 Cr

Dhanvantri Biomedical
Pvt Ltd

Ms. Sruthi Babu

Sector: Healthcare
Innovation: Sahayatha is a smart defecation-cleansing assistive device for the immobile population
External Investment raised: INR 1.73 Cr

Miraqules MedSolutions Pvt Ltd

Mr. Sabir Hossain

Sector: Healthcare
Innovation: STOP Bleed: fast-acting anti-bleeding compound for rapid control of hemorrhage
External Investment raised: INR 1 Cr

Inochi Care Pvt Ltd

Dr. Shivani Gupta

Sector: Healthcare
Innovation: A frugal multi-therapeutic wound care solution for resource constraint healthcare settings
External Investment raised: INR 1.5 Cr

Mediklik Webhealth
Pvt Ltd

Mr. Vikramaditya Tirthani

Sector : Healthcare
Innovation: VENSI – Smart ICU Ventilator: Next Generation Smart Ventilators
External Investment raised: INR 1 Cr


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