Application Window:
15th July to 15th August

About the Accelerator Program

One of the key focus areas for MeitY Startup Hub is to empower Start-up ventures to boost entrepreneurship, economic growth and employment across the country. Startup Accelerators of MeitY for Product Innovation, Development and Growth (SAMRIDH) is the accelerator program organized by MeitY Startup Hub (MSH). The programme will invite applications from existing and upcoming Accelerators to become partners with MeitY and provide startups accelerator programmes of 6 months. The idea behind this proposal is to provide startups which already have brilliant solutions and proof of concept for their product the more facilities to enhance their product using innovative technologies for the market with a solid business plan and enable them to easily obtain investments from venture capitalists and angel investors.

₹ 80 lakhs of Funding

Up to INR 80 Lakhs
(1:1 Matching support)

Who Can Apply

IT, Software & Deep Tech startups in AI/ML, IoT, AR/VR, Blockchain, Web 3.0 technologies and other related areas


10 Innovators


The SAMRIDH scheme will support existing and upcoming Accelerators to select and accelerate potential product-based startups to scale. The program will focus on accelerating the startups by providing customer connections, investor connections and internationalization connection services.

Focus Sectors

Web 3.0
Cleantech/Clean Energy
Other emerging areas

SAMRIDH Accelerator Program Timeline

Outreach & Application

15th July 2022 – 15th August 2022

  • The Applicant will be required to submit an online application following registration on the website
  • Preliminary assessments and compliance checks would be conducted on all completed applications.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered eligible.

Shortlisting & Onboarding

15th August – 30th September 2022

  • All applications will be screened internally for eligibility checks and appropriateness for further evaluation of the application.
  • Further evaluation will be done by the External Screening Committee (ESC)
  • Onboarding process, Signing of MoU and Post Onboarding Guidelines.

Accelerator Phase

1st October 2022 – 30th December 2022

The accelerator & the partner will run a structured 90 days deep mentoring program with the following objectives: –

  • Provide the Startups with momentum to establish a strong position in the market by idea validation
  • Identifying business opportunities
  • Making potential customers
  • Building a scalable business model and building Go-To-Market strategy

Demo Day

5th January 2023

  • Introducing the startups to investor network for co-investment opportunities
  • Award to startups: Top 3 startups to be considered for a mini grant
  • Closing Ceremony as a part of the Demo Day

Program Offerings

Diagnostic Mapping
Mentor Matchmaking
Product Refinement
Investor & Business Workshops
Networking Sessions
Lab & Field Trials/Compliance for GeM
GTM & Pre-Commercialization/Commercialization Support
Other Compliance support

Contact Us:

Write to us: [email protected]
For Queries, Contact: Mr. Aryan Jaiswal | +91-9348880168
Dr. Namrata Misra | +91 88956 18296
Mr. Vishal JC | +91 77380 20999

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you cannot edit your proposal after you have made the submission.

Yes, the applicant can submit two applications within the above focus areas and eligibility criteria as mentioned. Please note that each application is associated with one email address. Therefore, please use different email addresses if you are making more than one application.

The top 10 startups recommended by the External Screening Committee will be selected for the Accelerator program.

– TRL 9 – Technology has been applied in its final form and is operational.

– TRL 8 – Technology is proven and developed but not yet operational or applied anywhere.

– TRL 7 – Actual system prototype is near completion or ready and has been demonstrated in an operational environment or is at pilot level.

– TRL 6 – Prototype is being tested in simulated operational environment or in a high- fidelity laboratory environment.

– TRL 5 – Technology has been put together and can be tested in a simulated environment.

– TRL 4 – Basic technological components have been integrated to establish that they work together.

– TRL 3 – Proof of Concept stage / Active R&D/ Advanced prototype has been initiated. This includes analytical studies and laboratory studies to physically validate the analytical predictions of separate elements of the technology.

– TRL 2 – Technology concept / application formulated

– TRL 1 – There are paper studies to support the technology’s basic properties.

– Yes, an applicant will be eligible for funding upon final selection but the final decision on funding will be taken after due diligence as described above.

Applicant organizations will have to produce relevant supporting documents if they are shortlisted, without which the shortlist process cannot proceed. Therefore, the applicant should apply with the registration document.

– KIIT-TBI encourages applicants to share knowledge, processes and solutions that emerge from the proposal for benefit of society and accelerate the same in times of crisis.

Please submit queries via email to [email protected]