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At KIIT-TBI, our relentless pursuit of “Empowering and Enabling the Innovation Ecosystem” in the Eastern & North Eastern regions of India has been made possible through our strong partnership with the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India. As a Not-for-Profit, Section 25 Company, we have received unwavering support from DST, which has been instrumental in shaping our journey. The adoption of DST’s comprehensive schemes, including NIDHI EIR, NIDHI PRAYAS, NIDHI SSS, and NIDHI Accelerator schemes, has been a perfect fit in our repertoire of support tools. KIIT-TBI has also collaborated with the National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB), for the implementation of special drive programs such as DST CAWACH and DST NIDHI4COVID 20. These programs have been pivotal in supporting indigenous solutions and innovative products to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

Impact So far

Dst supports FOR STARTUPS

DST Nidhi Eir

“Empowering talented individuals to embrace entrepreneurship by mitigating risks & providing support through the Entrepreneurs-in-Residence¬† Program under DST NIDHI Scheme.”

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DST Nidhi Prayas

“Bridging the gap from idea to prototype funding, NIDHI-PRAYAS empowers young and aspiring technology entrepreneurs through the DST NIDHI Scheme.”

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“Combatting the COVID-19 health crisis and bolstering R&D efforts, CAWACH is an impactful initiative by NSTEDB and DST, Government of India.”

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“Enabling rapid response startup solutions, NIDHI4COVID2.0 supports tackling the challenges of the second wave of Covid in India.

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DSt Nidhi Accelerator

“Fueling growth & scale-up stage startups, NIDHI Accelerator provides rigorous mentoring, funding & market network access for aspiring entrepreneurs in India.”

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DSt nidhi sss

“The basic idea of seed support is providing financial assistance to potential startups with promising ideas, innovations and technologies.”

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Meet the Mentors

Success Stories

Praesus Technologies
Pvt Ltd

Shamik Guha

Sector: IoT, Electronics
Innovation: Altor-A smart helmet to collect real-time data and help to reduce road Accident.
Fund raised: INR 1.45Cr
Revenue Generated: INR 25 Lakhs

Huwel Lifesciences
Pvt Ltd

Rachana Tripathi & Shesheer Kumar Munpall

Sector: Healthcare
Innovation: Developed COVID-19 Detection Kit (Real Time Quantitative PCR Kit) .
Fund raised: INR 1.7cr
Revenue Generated: INR 53Cr

ETA Purification Pvt Ltd

Dr. Dinesh Venkatachalam

Sector: Healthcare
Innovation: Complete Sterilization by Micro-plasma Oxidation patented non-thermal micro-plasma technology.
Revenue Generated: INR 2 Cr

Minionlabs India Pvt Ltd

Gokul Shrinivas

Sector: Cleantech
Innovation: Minion – The World’s Smallest Energy Auditor
Fund raised: INR 13.15 Cr
Revenue Generated: INR 22.82 lakhs

Tycheejuno Speciality Tyres Pvt Ltd

Sameer Panda

Sector: Manufacturing
Innovation: BPPC Tyre for the scooter to save from puncture & burst.
Revenue Generated: INR 25 Lakhs

Felis Leo Widgets Pvt Ltd

Nishita Balliarsingh

Sector: Cleantech
Innovation: Fast-charge rechargeable, bio-organic, and bio-degradable batteries from Crop Residue (Proteins)
Fund raised: INR 5.62 Cr

MiniMines Cleantech Solutions Pvt Ltd

Anupam Kumar

Sector: Manufacturing
Innovation: BPPC Tyre for the scooter to save from puncture & burst.
Fund Raised: INR 50 Lakhs

Ripple Healthcare Pvt Ltd

Kaushal Kothari

Sector: Healthcare
Innovation: An IoT-enabled Smart Device With Protective Cushions That Inflate And Retract Based On Postural Characteristics
Fund raised: INR 67.75 Lakhs


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