Junior Entrepreneurship Program (JEP)

Curriculum designed in collaboration with Vienna University Children’s Office and Enprendia, an Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

Program Elements

The program taps into the potential of ambitious, innovative and inquisitive school children, and lays the foundation for creating a startup with a simulative journey of the process. Join a highly-curated group of promising young minds from across the country to learn from experts, work in a group of co-partners, and solve challenges in viable ways.


Brainstorming among consorts and coming up with an idea.

Business basics

Learn basics of entrepreneurship, marketing and technology!

Team Building

Learn to lead and delegate - choose your right fit.


Startup Simulation and learn how to get going.

What is JEP?

JEP is a 8 week online learning program designed by KIIT-TBI in collaboration with Vienna University Children’s Office under Enprendia, an Erasmus+ Programme of European Union to give children in the age group, 11-15 years, a test drive in the startup world. They start working in different teams with specific areas of expertise in marketing, design & production, sales, finance, and storytelling.

Team activities and simulations will immerse them in the entrepreneurial process and push them to stretch the limits of creativity. They’ll work in a team to put the course material lessons to work – applying their newfound knowledge and skills to bring their ideas to life.

Program Outcomes
  • Learning New Life Skills
  • Understanding the Basics of a Business
  • Refining the Researching Ability
  • Instill Confidence and Build Communication Skills
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Nurturing Next-Generation Innovators

Through JEP, children would become more aware
of their own unique skills and talents and find a way to shine.


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The JEP Roadmap

Prepare the next generation of global citizens with simple activities that start with identifying different problems statements and then challenge them to come up with a solution.


The idea of entrepreneurship and its true meaning.


Rack your brains collectively..finalize an idea.


Other entrepreneurs visits to share their business stories.


Ensure your idea has the potential to work.


Learn about your talents and skills and those of your group mates.


Turn your idea into reality via real-time simulation.


Pitch your idea to the panel. Let the world endorse it.

Program Partners