NIDHI Accelerator

About the Accelerator Program

NIDHI Accelerator is aimed to help aspiring entrepreneurs in the country, including the ventures already being incubated, to be guided in a rigorous and more structured manner, through a deep mentoring process and access to funding and market networks. NIDHI accelerator is positioned for accelerating startups that have made significant progress in terms of market validation and are at the growth and scale-up stage

Who Can Apply

Startups with Prototype ready for market validation, Pre-Revenue Stage, raising private investments


15 Innovators

Application Window Starts From

1st-31st Aug 2022

Objectives of NIDHI-Accelerator

  • To fast track the growth of potential startups through rigorous mentoring and networking support in a short span.
  • To attract subject matter experts, mentors, and angel investors get associated through the structured accelerator program.
  • To build a vibrant startup ecosystem, by establishing a network between academia, financial institutions, industries, and other institutions.
  • To act as a hub for several incubators in the region, so that high-potential startups can be fast-tracked for increased exposure and validation.
  • Employ a “fail fast” approach: ideas or prototypes that are not getting traction should be abandoned (or modified) quickly, allowing founders to redeploy resources to other projects or even new companies at a rapid pace.

Cohort Details


For the selected 15 Startups

Focus Area

healthcare (1)


Learn the basics of entrepreneurship, marketing and technology!

bio-energy (1)


Learn to lead and delegate – choose your right fit.


AI/ML and IoT

Connect with peers and mentors who will add value to your proposition.

planting (2)


Brainstorming among consorts and coming up with an idea.


Waste Management

Learn the magical science of storytelling for your journey.

biotechnology (1)

Industrial Biotechnology

Learn the secret to developing excellent communication skills.

Investors Onboarded

Tentative Timeline and Process Flow for Applications

Application Window

1st Aug – 31st Aug 2022

  • Only the applications that are submitted online will be accepted for further evaluation in this Accelerator Program. No email/hard copies will be considered.
  • Preliminary assessments and compliance checks would be conducted on all completed applications. Incomplete applications will not be considered eligible.

Shortlisting & Onboarding

1st Sept – 30st Sept 2022

  • Signing of MoU and Post Onboarding Guidelines
  • Sharing of Program Structure, Calendar, Reporting Documents etc

Accelerator Phase

Oct –  Dec 2022

  • TheCircle and KIIT-TBI will run a structured 90 days deep mentoring program with the following objectives – provide the Startups with a momentum to establish a strong position in the market by idea validation, identifying the business opportunities, making potential customers, building a scalable business model and building Go-To-Market strategy.

Demo Day

5th January 2023

  • Introducing the startups to investor network for co-investment opportunities
  • Award to startups: Top 3 startups to be considered for a mini grant.
  • Closing Ceremony as a part of the Demo Day



Topics Covered

Program Offerings

Deep Mentorship
Sharing Best Practices
Increase in Scale of Innovation
Access to Incubation Facilities
Market Connect & Pilot Support
Support Services

Impact So Far

Applications Received
Startups Onboarded
0 Cr
Funds Committed
IP & Patents Filed
0 Cr
Valuation of startups
Session Conducted
Mentors Engaged
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Products Launched

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